​April 4, 2014


There's a faraway look in her eyes today,

As she thinks of the son who marched away,

She thinks of him as she saw him last,

And a hundred memories come from the past.

She remembers him as he looked in his cradle,

And the first time he sat up at the table,

As he waved goodbye, when he started to school,

To learn his three R's and the Golden Rule.

Can we count the others who through the past,

Have sent their sons away with a smile,

Saving the tears till they're home again,

Praying,  "Please God, no more wars for awhile.

And so we mothers must give our sons

As Mary did long ago for Thee

Because the most precious thing they live and die for

Is just the right to be free.

I am sure that the Lord will hold out His Hand

To the son who gave his all,

And they both will stand by the Golden Gate

When a Gold Star Mother answers God's call.


Miss Iris Walden

Past National President - 2001

Founder of Volunteer Chapter

​Vietnam Goldstar Mother

Rev. 21:4 - And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death; neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be anymore pain; for the former things are passed away. 

June 17, 2013

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Miss Sarah Crabtree

Vietnam Goldstar Mother